miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012

My first novel published!¡Just a dream!. After a long way of meetings and publishing houses, I decided to do it myself and embraced the Amazon-Kindle adventure. It wasn't as hard as it was supposed to be thanks to the help of sites as  this.

Ojalá Paula is an absurdist novel that you'll surely enjoy. You can find it here.


Ojalá Paula tells the story of a group of clerks who has to face the most incredible adventure. As long as the action takes place, the  reader will know their past, their personalities and psychology. In the office. where metaphorically they are trapped, they will find a new way of understanding life. Topics as self-improvement, love, sex and friendship are the central key of the novel. An entertaining and direct style will teach all of us how to laugh at ourselves.

The digital magazine EnCubierta reccomends Ojalá Paula here  as well as  this blog.